So, You Think You’ve Lost Your Faith?

The Truth, is that we all question faith or lose our way sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you lack beliefs or morals and in my opinion, is the first step of your own spiritual journey. Some people have an unwavering belief while others like me will continue to have many questions. Growing up you’re told to go to church, pray and put your future in the hands of God.

Somewhere along the path into adulthood religion became blurry. Questions remained unanswered and the few answered seemed illogical. Religion has and always will be the world’s greatest divider, our biggest argument. We put so much faith in our own personal beliefs while in the same essence denying all others. Stories vary from one religion to the next but the one remaining constant is that there is always a God. Prayed to in different ways and called by many names in every language possible but always the same. The constant denominator and because of that, my faith in God remains.

Remember Your Beliefs and Evolve

Rather religion, spiritual or any other deeply-held belief you carry, remember your reasons and stay true to yourself. Many of us associate our faith as an “all-or-nothing” system. But as you grow and mature, your faith should be evolving as well. If you have doubts, ask yourself the enlightening questions. Such as why do you feel disconnected and what has happened to cause your doubts. As you start to find answers and in turn begin understanding yourself more, your path will become clear.

Follow Your Own Path

Not everyone will agree with your beliefs and guess what?… That’s ok. We all have our own spiritual journeys to travel, your’s just may be a little unconventional with heavy turbulence. It’s going to be a hard ride but no one else can take the journey in your place. Embrace your essence and be mindful of your path. Losing your way can sometimes lead to dark places so stay in the light and always remain conscious of the person you are becoming.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Life’s a mystery filled with so many opportunities, ups-downs, and pure confusion. The things that seem easy to you can be incredibly hard for someone else and vice versa.  You are your own worst critique. No one understands you, more than you. So when you feel unhappy, take a step back and find your focus. When you’re inside your own head, things can seem much worst then what they truly are. Give yourself a break, you’ll never be perfect but always aim for your best self.

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What To Do When You've Lost Your Faith