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What is the O25 looking for in a Guest Contributor? 

We are looking for guest posters who are open to sharing their life experiences. 

Topics that interest us: 

  • Everyday Life (routines, habits)
  • Career & Side Hustle (professional skills, making side money)
  • Personal Growth (self-reflection, mindfulness)  
  • Healthy Living (mental health, wellness, and other health posts)
  • Love & Relationships (dating, friends, family)

Guest Post Information

Pitch Requirements:

  • Provide a brief autobiography that tells us about yourself. Keep it short and sweet.
  • If you are willing to become a regular contributor, advise how often you can publish (twice a month is preferred). 
  • Upload a self-portrait and a link to your personal website (if applicable)
  • Write a sample of <250 words in length of the topic/content you hope to have published. Submitted content should be original, unpublished anywhere else, and completely your own.

Once submitted, please allow 2-4 weeks for review. 
A notice of acceptance or denial will be sent as a response.

If approved:

All accepted guest contributors must be familiar with the WordPress dashboard. Upon approval, you will be issued a guest login with limited access.

Note: The sample length will be the accepted published length.

All published articles are required to be between 500-1500 words in length. A draft deadline will be assigned. Please include relevant links to data/research being referenced. We reserve the right to edit all provided works.

If denied: 

Please do not reach out to O25 inquiring an explanation on the denial. Once it has been denied the decision is final however please consider revising your submission or changing the writing sample completely.

We suggest reading a few of the latest posts on O25 to make sure that we would be a good fit. Your sample writing should be consistent in both the relatability and writing style of the blog. Our reader’s interests are always considered when collaborating and all submissions should align with the material and content of the sire.

Guest Sample Submission
  • Do you have a blog? Drop the link
  • Upload your author photo
  • Provide a sample of the content you are proposing. Limit <250 words.

Terms and conditions

  1. By submitting to become a guest post contributor, you hereby assign the intellectual property rights, titles, and interests, including copyrights of all content developed or prepared for The Otherside of 25 and its site owner.
  2. The work you are submitting for publication on The Otherside of 25 is your own, original, and has never appeared anywhere else (either online or in print). 
  3. Once you have submitted the sample, you will allow 2-4 weeks for approval notification. If you have not been contacted during that time, the rights to the work revert back to you and you’re free to do with it as you wish (including re-submitting with revisions). 
  4. The Otherside of 25 will credit the article to you. Your autobiography and portrait will be listed as the author information.
  5. The Otherside of 25 reserves the right to edit your submissions i.e change titles and remove links.
  6. If your work is selected and posted, you can repost the article with the following conditions: You agree to change the title, you agree to set the canonical URL to the original post to and you agree to include the following at the bottom of the post. “Read the original article on The Otherside of 25. Copyright 2016. Follow O25 on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter“. 

    This page is for business inquiries only. If you wish to send any other forms of correspondence, please visit Ask Britt and submit a question or email any of these terms and conditions are broken. The Otherside of 25 and its owners reserve the right to take legal action.