It never fails, every year before the stroke of midnight we voice our hopes, goals, and dreams for the next year. There’s so much enthusiasm for the future in that moment, seeing all the possibilities. Making promises to ourselves to work hard and stick to it.

It’s difficult to believe how fast a year flies by and even worse when the realization that everything you planned never came true.

It’s said that nearly 92% of resolutions fail by March. So if nothing else, know that you are not alone. Everyone around you struggled to keep their plans.

There is no one reason as to why we continue to fail but as time passes it becomes easier to let it go. Maybe you procrastinated or simply became less motivated but regardless, failure is always a hard pill to swallow.

Unsubconsciously we tend to associate failure with self-worth. Beating ourselves up over all the things that didn’t happen.

I’m admittedly guilty of doing just that, and allowing it to affect my self-image. Overtime I’ve come to accept that those failures are only life lessons.

So to those having a hard year and from one failure to another, here’s my advice for accepting your defeat in stride.

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself – Negative Talk will never get you anywhere

I always say that you are your own worst critic. No one can beat you down like you can and no one else will ever cheer you on as strongly either.

Everyone has goals and it’s normal to place high expectations to get it done.

As time passes and it becomes clear that certain plans are nowhere near happening we immediately attack ourselves. We attack our motivation, productivity, and even ambition. Instead of taking the failure to heart, give yourself a break. Not everything will come easy and sometimes the obstacles of our daily lives make the journey less tempting.

That doesn’t mean your dreams are no longer of importance, just that certain priorities have taken precedence.

Things up come and getting distracted is evitable, so stop being so hard on yourself. And know that if it’s still something worth having, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

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Re-evaluate What You Want to Accomplish – Goals Change and thats OK

Maybe what you wanted no longer applies. It’s funny how over time the things we want and need change. Living a certain lifestyle and envisioning the glamorous lives of others. Not taking into consideration that what worked for them will not make you happy.

Maybe even, you simply no longer see yourself accomplishing the goals you once held. The year is filled with situations and decisions never imagined and yet the thought of re-evaluating those goals freaks most people out.

Instead of being anxious and afraid to let it go, think about how you currently see your future and create the necessary plans to make it happen (this time around). 

You Learn from Your Failure – It’s apart of Life, learn from it and Grow from it

Look back through the year and determine your biggest failures. Was it a relationship? Staying another year at a job you hate? Family Dynamics?

Whatever it is, learn from it. Failures hurt but in the big scheme of your life are only momentary bumps. Take this moment to think about why you should be grateful for the situation.

There’s no shame in accepting that things didn’t quite go as planned but it’s only a mistake if no growth can be found from it

What didn’t go as planned in your year? 
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Britt Mont