Summertime Party

Summertime Party Planning

Beach parties, cookouts and so much more. Summertime is the season where everyone finally gets a break from the crappy weather to venture outside into the beautiful sunshine. With the warm weather making a welcome appearance and the college days behind you, it’s finally time to throw your first official summertime soiree. Check out the tips below and they’ll be sure to help make your event effortless.

1. Define Your Vibe
In your early-20s the perfect party is probably similar to Project X  but thankfully, with age comes elegance and it’s time to change the scene. So take a moment to envision the entire party, beginning to end. Focus on the energy and atmosphere that you want to create. The best way of discovering your vibe is to have a good party theme. A personal favorite is outdoor dinner parties. You can do something simple like hanging lights or a bonfire roast. Regardless of your vision, there is room for creativity to arise and you’ll be proud to see the final outcome.


2. Designate Helpers 
There’s a reason event planners make a substantial income, delegation. They have a team of key players behind them that each take on a piece of the responsibility. No matter how big or small your party, take a page from an event planners book and put together a small group to be your right-hand posse. Let’s be honest, there are some details you’d rather not be doing yourself so why not designate your boyfriend as grill-master and his annoying but fun roommate as the DJ.

3. Find Your “Host” Mode
Hospitality is essential and if you’re the host then you’ll be expected to work the crowd. You’ll need to make introductions, keep conversations going and generally make sure everyone is having a good time. Naturally,  guests will look to you for setting the atmosphere. So remember to keep things casual and comfortable, not everything will go according to plan.

4. Have backup party ideas
Sometimes things don’t go according to plans, even for the best of us. Personally, I’m not a fan of “party games” but when the vibes are low it’s always a good idea to have something in your back pocket to liven things up. My favorites are the classics, there’s always a sense of nostalgia that draws people in so you can’t go wrong with a good game of  Jenga or even Operation

5. Enjoy Yourself
Most importantly, have fun! I’ll admit, it’s hard to enjoy your own party when so much still needs to be done but if you’re in a crappy mood then everyone else will be too. So before the party starts, eliminate some of those unrealistic expectations you might have of it “being perfect”. The worst parties, I’ve ever attended were when the hostess micromanaged all the guests. Instead of becoming upset when something doesn’t go exactly as planned, let it go and enjoy yourself.

Are you throwing a party this summer? Comment below & share your vision with us!


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