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Monthly Favorites

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Happy Spring! 🌼

Well, not quite yet but we’re almost there. The snow is melting and the temperatures are rising. I’ve already started shifting the winter gear to the back of my closet and I’m not saddened to see them go. This winter I rarely had time to shop for myself and everything I owned felt like it wasn’t apart of my personal style anymore. Most of the time I gave up trying to put an outfit together and ended up wearing leggings. Although I will fight for leggings til the day I die, it shouldn’t be the main piece of anyone’s wardrobe.

This month we’re in for a treat and I’m excited to see what the Month of March will bring. May the sun continue to shine bright and all positivity admit this way.

Favorite Fashion

If you haven’t noticed, Floral prints are my new thing. Dresses, pants, skirts and everything else floral! There’s something about a good print that has been calling my name lately. I’ve been doing a lot of online window shopping and gravitating more towards these bold and colorful pieces. 

Favorite Beauty

Don’t judge but I know I’m not the only whose barely touched a razor since October. The winter months is my hibernation period and my legs have been severely neglected. These products are for the ladies like me who could use a major skin rejuvenation.

Favorite Decor

Hopefully, your Christmas lights are long gone and you’ve been making a transition into brighter and lighter colors. All of my favorite decor picks, rather pillows or artwork will help add a warm texture to your space.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s favorites! What’s on your radar right now? Don’t forget to comment and share below