The Beauty of Checking in with Yourself


Life gets crazy sometimes and it’s easier to forget your dreams in the midst of it all. We move too fast, especially millennials, caught up in the unrealistic expectations of society. Trying to live a life of excitement and luxury to get enough double taps or a quick swipe right. With all the distractions it’s easier than ever to lose yourself. Eventually, living life in hyper-speed becomes exhausting and you’ll realize that you’re only human. Flawed and yet beautiful regardless.

Flawed because as humans, many of us (among other things)  underestimate the importance of mindfulness and self-care. Learning to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves both mentally, physically and emotionally. Becoming more conscious of our needs and being realistic in our wants. Understanding yourself is a part of… well, loving yourself. If you don’t find ways of practicing self-care then the relationship with your inner-self will suffer. Checking in with yourself is one of the best ways to connect with your own being.


It’s a little awkward at first but it’s simple. Check in with yourself as if you were someone else. How do you check in on family and friends? Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you call yourself on the phone or have an animated conversation alone over brunch. But it’s time to become the person who knows you better than anyone else.

Become Your Own Bestfriend

Why are your “Bestfriends‘” your bestfriends? Because they accept you and regardless of the relationships’ ups-and-downs you know you can count on them. They aren’t family but somehow they become family. Their friendship and advice is unconditional and for whatever reason, you both made the unintentional decision to choose each other. It’s time for you to start choosing you. No judgment, no bias or negativity. Accept yourself for the person you are past, present and future. 

Ask Yourself Questions and Answer them Honestly

You know that voice inside your head?…To be clear I’m not talking about a psychotic voice that tells you to do bad things, I’m definitely not qualified to help you there. What I’m talking about is the voice that sounds like you, or at least you think it’d sound like you. It reminds you to wake up in the morning because you hit snooze 3 times already or it keeps you up alnight with the relentless feeling of forgetfulness. Everyday that voice looks after you, it pushes you through a hard day and strangely enough keeps you sane. It’s time to start paying more attention to that voice and ask it some questions:

How are you? 

Are you Happy? 

Do you love the person you are? 


Be truthful, after all there’s no one to lie to but yourself. Stay open and honest, even if it hurts. Maybe keep a personal journal or diary where every thing that comes to mind is written and expressed on paper. If there’s something you don’t like, work on it. Push yourself to be better, do better. Always remember that you’re not perfect, no one will ever be. All you can do is evolve by learning from life’s experiences and staying true to yourself.


Have you checked in with yourself lately? Comment below to share how it went.

  • Tina von S

    I recently checked in with myself, set some goals, got rid of ‘toxic’ friends and now I am going forward with a better mindset. We should all love ourselves because we are the only person that is going to stay with us, for the rest of our life.

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      So glad that you’re connecting with yourself and moving towards a better mindset. We all have to find ways of loving ourselves because you’re right, at the end all we have is ourselves.

  • Katie Thomas

    You’ve got some really great points here. Now that we have so many social media platforms that all now have similar functions I’m constantly bombarded by notifications. Especially since I’ve been working online! Sometimes its awesome, but sometimes its just way too much! I love to zone out and go travelling for a bit where I don’t have internet access or just go to the pool or beach! Great post!

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      I know what you mean! I recently went on a cruise vacation so internet was limited and expensive. Everyone else was freaking out but I enjoyed the excuse of being able to disconnect and enjoy my free time!

  • Klaudia Bialek

    I check in with myself reguraly, its because I’m so busy but have so many goals, sometimes I just need to stop and think what to do next, and ask myself is it really worth it. The only thing I worry about are my friends really, I started my first year of uni and that’s why I became so busy, and I don’t think we actually are best freinds, its like they’ve pushed me away because I found something that I really love and spend more time working than spending timw with them.

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      Friendships are complicated but I’ll tell you what my grandma always says to me, “Your 20’s are your selfish years”. So, if your friends are unsupportive then find people who are. Part of growing up is accepting that some relationships will drift apart. We all lead different lives and follow separate paths so don’t be sad that you’ve found something that makes you happy.

  • Bakery and Cakery

    I haven’t ever done anything like this, not fully, and I do often feel like I can be at the bottom of the priority list. For myself, for those around me. I do think it’s time to reevaluate this. thank you for this!!

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      Most definitely! You need to make yourself a “high-priority”. I understand how busy life can get but I also understand what it’s like to have a breakdown so start putting yourself first.

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