Article: Essence Magazine, April 2018 Edition. Link: Into the Light

The Raise of Black Art

In this April’s Essence issue an article written by Miles Marshall Lewis spotlighted black contemporary artists. Growing up, I was always surrounded by African-American art and music but outside of my family circle, art in the real world was scarse. Today black art is becoming more prevalent and represented in main stream media, and I love it. With the unveiling of former President Obama and the First Lady Michelle’s official commissioned portraits this past February and the premiere of Black Panther the limelight on black artists has boomed.

Lately, I’ve been searching for art that compliments both my home and sense of expressionism. Naturally I gravitate towards pieces that are bright in color, contemporary and  abstracts. In my search I’ve found artists that envision black heritage, culture, diversity and social awareness. I notice in the years that no only  black art but minority art In general has become more prevalent. 

Question: Do you think this is a phase or an honest introduction of Black art to the rest of the world?