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Goodmorning everyone! Lately, I’ve been connecting with more of you and it’s been a pleasure to receive your messages. I am proud to have such like-minded and encouraging readers and hope that many of you can continue to find support from my blog.

When I started writing it was more of a therapeutic form of expression and I never imagined that thousands of people would actually be reading and sharing posts. We’re a few months shy of the two year anniversary of the first post and it’s been a revelation to see the growth of both myself and the blog development.

I am no longer in the same headspace of when I started blogging. Changing my mindset has been a journey but writing has become an important part of my self-discovery. Blog writing has been a creative challenge and it’s encouraging to know that all the hard work is appreciated.

A while back I stopped focusing on traffic and monetization tactics and somehow that made things skyrocket. Funny how that works, huh? 

Now, it’s time for the weekly updates and Q&A forum so grab your coffee and join me as I answer some of the readers’ submissions.


A lot of the Ask Britt submissions revolve around blogging so today I wanted to answer some of my favorite questions. 

What is the number one mistake you’ve made blogging?

Lots of new bloggers make the mistake of jumping right into monetization and unfortunately, I was the same. Instead of staying focused on why I started blogging I became obsessed with making a side hustle income.

It quickly took over and as a new blogger still learning (among other things) the basics of self-hosting WordPress, content creation, social media AND monetizing it led to a lot of burnout episodes. Today I make a decent side hustle income but if I could offer any advice it would be to learn the ropes of blogging first and then monetize.

I want to start a blog but I don’t know where to begin? Any advice?

One word, RESEARCH. Whenever I need to learn something new I go to Pinterest. It’s a great resource on finding articles for launching a blog. There are tons of posts detailing how to start a blog that will explain most of everything you’ll need to know.

Also, I suggest determining if blogging is going to be more of a hobby or business. If you’ve never blogged or need a refresher course then look into free website hosting like WordPress. This platform will help you get familiar with the basics of managing a website. You’ll learn to use a dashboard, understand plugins and everything else outside of monetization. 

However, if blogging as a business is a priority and you prefer to not transfer from free-hosting to self-hosting down the road then I suggest doing a blog launch. Set a recommended three-month date before going public. Within that timeframe, keep your blog private and learn as much as you can. This way when you launch, you’ll be more comfortable and well prepared to manage alone.

Who are some of your favorite other bloggers? 

There are so many! I mainly love lifestyle bloggers that give little glances into their lives. Showing not only the ups but also the downs, it just feels more authentic. I’ve also made connections with other bloggers around the world. Doing collaborations, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other. It’s so hard to choose but here are a few of the blogs I tend to read nearly every day:

  • The Elgin Avenue – A London lifestyle blog that shares tips on leading a healthy, happy, productive and inspired life.
  • The Breakup Queen – Curated stories of relationships. Finding love, breakups, and dating.
  • The Fox & She – A blog designed to encourage and empower women to not only dream of a life they want but fight for it.
  • It’s All You Boo – Tips & Advice for helping you slay your goals and live your dream life.
  • The Confused Millennial – A community for confused millennials to embrace who we truly are while learning and growing together

Hope you enjoyed this and have a fantastic weekend!
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