Happy Monday yall!
It’s a bit gloomy with never-ending rain today but the weekend was full of Mother’s Day celebrations!  Now if you haven’t noticed for the past few months I’ve slowed down on the site and haven’t been writing in awhile. Well, recently I’ve been getting back into the groove and have updated the site with the new Ask Britt feature and the Book Shop

The book shop has all of my favorite current and past must-read books. Under each description is a personal review, giving the ups-and-downs and overall take away. I will be updating the shop on a regular basis so please be sure to check it out!


  • If you’re a Mom figure or simply a women who dishes out wisdom and knowledge to us younger generations on the blog this weekend I shared a special thank you letter as a token of appreciation.
  • Lately, I’ve been self-reflecting and happened to pick up the book A tribe called bliss and it’s been a real eye opener. I’m sure I’ll be putting this on the book shop list but if you haven’t read it, consider picking it up soon.
  • Last week was my return from vacation and it’s amazing how much a small time away from your daily life can throw things off. Getting back into the work groove was stressful and I definitely need another trip asap.
  • Tomorrow is the season finally of New Girl and I’m undeniably heartbroken! That crazy group of misfits has been apart of my life since college and it’s so sad to see a great show end but I cannot wait for it to finally come.

Hope everyone is off to a productive week! Thanks for reading.

Britt Mont