Private journaling has always been something I’ve been active in doing and for awhile now I’ve wanted to cross into blogging. The biggest hurdle was finding a “niche” and over the course of several years many topics have come to mind but none seemed good enough. It wasn’t until a conversation with friends that I had a eureka moment and decided to venture into blogging.

After turning 25 I was faced with the impression that my life was lacking in comparison to others. Soon I became so focused on what everyone else was doing that I stopped recognizing my own strengths and saw only flaws. Having an open discussion helped in realizing how insecure our whole generation has become. We are overly concerned with reaching certain milestones at certain points in our lives. Reaching 25 seems to be the period where everyone begins to experience the pressure of life’s expectations. Suddenly we’ve crossed the threshold into adulthood. We’re expected to have our lives mapped out and the stress of not making those timelines can send us into a Quarterlife Crisis.

Once I began to understand how prevalent the feeling of insecurity is spread throughout millennials I instantly found my niche. I wanted to bring inspiration and positivity to those who feel the pressure of becoming an adult. This blog was created with the intentions of uplifting each other up and validating the fact that we are exactly where we need to be in life.


Let me begin by saying that I started this blog completely CLUELESS! I truly had no conception of what I was getting myself into and the past few months have been a learning curve. I researched a lot and quickly became overwhelmed with all the available information on starting a blog.  It wasn’t until I created a Pinterest board that I felt confident enough to even come up with a game plan. To those of you starting out, I would highly recommend that you take a few weeks to research and find other bloggers who you favor. Keep in mind that the idea isn’t to copy them but you use them all as a reference or template of how you would like your own blog to flow.


        1.     Making Sense of Cents 

Michelle has been a huge help in getting me started. Not only is her posts extremely detailed but her own income reports is what helped me not only decide to monetize the blog but also post the income reports. If you haven’t already, seriously check her out. She’s one of the top paid bloggers banking $100k+ a month.

2.     Facebook Group – Blog + Biz BFFs

This Facebook group has been an absolute life-saver and in my opinion, it’s an invaluable community. I had so many questions and I mean TONS! Everyone has been helpful and supportive and as a beginner, it makes it so much easier to connect with similar bloggers.

3.     Jade & Oak

This blog is run by Jackie, a licensed attorney who has provided a substantial amount of information on how to blog legally. As someone who works in a law firm,  learning to blog legally has been a BIG concern. Navigating through the articles helped to understand both my rights as a blogger and also how to legalize my site. To begin, try out the free email course that outlines the mistakes that beginner bloggers make and how to prevent them.

How Did My First Month Go?

I seriously can’t believe it’s been a month already!  I am incredibly excited to finally have The Otherside of 25 up and running. Between launching after my 26th birthday and then the holidays December has completely flown by! I have been busy and sometimes intense but I feel very enthusiastic with how my vision is turning out. There’s no doubt that I’m still learning some basic ins-and-outs but for the first time in a long time I feel confident and proud of myself. I have no clue if this will ever pay off but I love that I’ve been able to bounce back from feeling low and find a project that has brought me happiness. I get to brainstorm daily and share my thoughts in order to bring confidence and support into my readers.

Before the blog launch, I worked diligently on creating content and also website design. Entering into November I decided that I wanted to officially launch the blog on Dec. 1, 2016, as it would be the perfect opportunity to launch the blog as a celebration of turning 26. After determining the launch date I started creating goals and deadlines for other aspects of the site i.e. logo and website design. I also made the initiative to write 2-3 posts a week, which thanks to CoSchedule editorial calendar became a breeze. Whenever I had a topic idea I immediately created a new content page and threw it into my draft sidebar. There were days filled with writer’s block but I tried by best to write at least one paragraph a day and for the most part, it worked.

When December began not only did I have my site up and running but I also had posts pre-written and scheduled. Because of this, I was able to focus the majority of my time promoting both the site and content. I primarily worked on site traffic and learning different ways of monetization. With that being said, I want to share some of the resources that have allowed my first month to run smoothly.


1. CoSchedule

CoSchedule has hands down been the best resource for me. I seriously doubt I’ll ever try another similar product and would highly recommend it. I came across it during the research phase and decided to try a 2-week trial. It’s such a great editorial calendar and as a beginner blogger, I needed something to help organize and schedule content. I’m still learning the small details but CoSchedule allows you to plan, publish, promote and automate your content. It honestly makes writing so much easier.

2. Canva

Canva has been my go-to image editor. It took a while to figure out the different features but every image on my site was created through using canva i.e. logo, featured images and so much more. Eventually, I’d like to hire a designer for a professional logo but until then I am proud of the DIY logo.


Birthday Wishes: Living on the Otherside of 25
30 Goals Before 30
3 Personal Growth Goals: To Overcome Depression
Choose People Who Lift You Up
A Year’s Reflection: My Quarter-life Crisis


Number of Posts: 5              Pageviews:  561
New Users: 173                     Email Subscribers: 2
Pinterest: 159                        Instagram: 23
Facebook: 1                           Twitter: 15


BlueHost $ 4.94  ($59.28, dividing into monthly)
CoSchedule $ 19.00
Solstice Theme $ 46.00
Expense Total:  $ 69.94


Bloglovin Activate $ 0.10   (Sponsored Tweet)
Shareholic $ 0.13  (Affiliate Marketing)
Media.net $ 0.29 (Affiliate Marketing)
Income Total:  $ 0.52

NET Total:  (- $ 69.42)

That’s right! I ended December in the hole! But guess what? I am soooooo proud of the few pennies I made. Most of the bloggers I connected with warned that I wouldn’t see a cent until nearly a year had passed. Proved them wrong!


After the craziness of December, a vacation is seriously needed but I’m doing my best to stay motivated and focused on the brand. This month I’ll be setting goals to establish a social media presence and also build more traffic. Most of my time will likely be devoted towards Pinterest and Instagram (Follow me!). So far those social media platforms have been the highest channels to the site and I want to make them a higher priority.

Also because of the hecticness, I was unable to write throughout December. It was an honest life-saver to have posts pre-written but so much was happening that my January pre-writing plans was neglected. As a result, no content has been scheduled and I will be writing as I go along throughout the month.  My editorial calendar will be updated to accommodate the current time restrictions but I’d like to make a goal to decrease the bounce rate by posting at least 2-3x a week.


Number of Posts: 8-12             Pageviews:  750
Pinterest: 300                            Instagram: 75

If you’re an established or beginner blogger, please share your thoughts and advice! Thank you for reading my first ever blog income report!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Check out the disclosure policy for further details. Thank you for supporting the blog!