In case you missed the “A little life update” post, I’ve been MIA for the past few months. I was doing my best to learn everything regarding blogging but it was overload. Running a website is definitely a learning curve and I have sympathy for the people that do this for a living. I burned out quickly, took a 3 month hiatus and officially started blogging again this month. It feels good coming back,  like a well-deserved vacation with your mind refreshed and re-energized. During the hiatus, I tried to implement plans for my future such as changing careers and getting back into the interview game. 

 Also, I’ve been working on getting some of my 30 before 30 goals crossed off. It’s not progressing as much as I would like but I’m realizing that not reaching a goal doesn’t mean failure as long as you continue to strive. 


April was actually a hard month for me. I had a family emergency that stopped me from blogging for a week but since coming back I noticed a lot of changes that needed to be made. First one being, the logo. Originally, I loved the logo but decided it didn’t embody the brand. After playing around with different color schemes the current logo was chosen.  Once the blog is more established I do plan on having everything rebranded professionally.

Also with blog monetization, I noticed there were too many ads. I’m a new blogger so I want to focus more on good content rather than making money. When I decided to start the Otherside of 25, I didn’t know that it was possible for people to make an honest living doing this. I became intrigued and let the possibilities of a potential side hustle overwhelm me. With that being said,  I got rid of the Shareholic ads. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of bloggers that make decent commission without thousands of page views and I hated the way they took over the bottom of my posts.

Still wanting to have some type of monetization, I signed up for Amazon Associates,  ShareASale and downloaded the AdRotate plugin. I’ve been approved for a few affiliate programs through the ShareASale network so now I have a constant stream of hand-picked ads instead of the random overabundant variety from Shareholic. So far I really like AdRotate since it allows you to create different ad groups and also notifies you when one has expired. This eliminates the manual aspect of having to update each post individually. If you’ve been looking for something similar then definitely check out the plugin.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write or post as much as I would like. The ultimate goal was to post 2-3 times a week and although CoSchedule has been an amazing editorial calendar, I haven’t been able to set and stick to a writing schedule.


Book Reading List April 2017
A Little Life Update
The Beauty of Checking in with Yourself
3 Drug-Free Menstrual Products for Pain Relief


Number of Posts: 4              Pageviews:  1,131
New Users: 378                     Instagram: 41
Pinterest: 234                        Twitter: 15
Facebook: 17


BlueHost $ 4.94  ($59.28, dividing into monthly)
CoSchedule $ 19.00
BoardBooster $ 5.00
Expense Total:  $ 28.94

INCOME: (-28.94)

Yes, I am in the negative from blogging this month and guess what?! That’s ok with me. Technically, this is only the second month of blogging so I didn’t put on any pressure. Plus the Otherside of 25 wasn’t started to make money. I wanted to write and blog about experiences from the perspective of someone trying to find themselves in adulthood. Somehow through all the monetization research, I allowed my passion to be overpowered by money. Right now I want to put more focus on content and creating a writing schedule.


Social media is the goal, currently Pinterest brings the most pageviews to the site. I decided to sign up for Boardbooster at the end of April so I’ll be spending May learning how to utilize the program to best fit the site’s needs. Instagram seems to be the next biggest referral so I do want to get more followers and quality photos posted as well.

Getting back into a writing schedule is the highest priority. Since I have a full-time job it’s harder to set and stick to a writing schedule but I’ll like to at least dedicate myself on a part-time basis. For that, I’ll be setting a few hours throughout the week dedicated to blogging and site maintenance. If all goes smoothly,  there’ll be 6-8 posts written by the end of the month. I’ve been looking into sponsored posts too, they’ll be limited. But it seems to be the way most bloggers made money I’ll be looking into some good networks to join.

Thank you for reading the income report! Do you have any fellow tips?

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