Strong Women Empower Other Women

The day when women run the world may not be here but I have faith that it’s coming soon. Until then, all women of every country and culture must work together in uplifting the livelihood of those with fewer opportunities. “Studies show that when women are supported and empowered, all of society benefits”.

Running for a Cause

I am proud to announce that I will be participating in the “If Girls Ran The World” event. The goal is for women (and men) to circle the globe in support of women and girl empowerment efforts. The event takes place during the entire month of October and thousands around the world will be running collectively to reach 24,901 miles.

All donations will be given to the non-profit charity Save the Children.  The goal for The Otherside of 25  aka Team O25 is to raise $250.00 and run a total of 10k miles. It’s a small dent but I wanted to set our expectations low to aim high.

If you are interested in joining, register at! Feel free to add yourself to Team O25 or get your own group going. So rather walking, running or pacing the office all steps count and I hope to see you all up and moving! 

Are you participating in the If Girls Ran the World Event? Share your own personal goals in the comments below!

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