Daylight Savings Transition: Tips to Fall Back Gracefully

Daylight Savings Transiion: Tips to Fall Back Gracefully. Preparing for the time change by planning ahead and using small steps to avoid the morning rush.
Daylight Savings Transiion: Tips to Fall Back Gracefully. Preparing for the time change by planning ahead and using small steps to avoid the morning rush


Somewhere in the fourth grade I’m sure a lesson was taught on the significance of daylight savings but like most things, it didn’t stick. So according to the Salem Press Encyclopedia, Daylight Saving Time (DST) has been adopted by 40% of the world’s countries and is used as a method of energy conservation by adjusting clocks so that afternoons have more daylight.

Although DST has been implemented in the United States since 1918,  many of us still have yet to master the inevitable change of time.

Use the Weekend to Prepare for Time Change

Every DST occurs on a Sunday which affords most people the entire weekend to adjust for the change. Prepare by using the days ahead to slowly adapt by shifting clocks 30 minutes ahead and going to bed respectively on Friday and Saturday nights. This will help your internal clock to reset more easily so that by Sunday night you’ll be better prepared to handle the busy morning ahead.

Go to Bed Early

If you’re used to 8 hours of sleep then go to bed early enough to acquire the necessary amount of sleep to get you through the day. If your prune to sleeping problems then avoid foods and drinks that are heavy stimulants. For instance, stay away alcohols and caffeinated drinks as they will keep you awake, tossing and turning all night.

Plan for the Morning Ahead Accordingly

It’s always best to stick to your morning routine. If you normally wake up early to exercise or meditate then make an intention to do just that. Don’t keep hitting snooze on the alarm. Even with if you used the weekend to prepare, expect for your body to still be on a different schedule. Make an effort to shake it off and have a productive morning.

Don’t Rush on the Morning Commute

Studies have shown that the 1st week after DST is one of the highest times for fatal car crashes. Countless people will be running late to work, fatigued and downright crabby. Unfortunately not everyone can be as proactive as you, on average most people require an entire week to officially adjust to darker morning routines. Luckily, you’ll be well-adjusted and ready to leave a few minutes early to avoid the rush of mad drivers.

So How Will You Prepare for Daylight Saving Time? Share in the Comments below.

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  • I hate DST. LOL! Just. Like. That. Mostly because the sun goes down so early, and the way my mood is set up when it gets dark too early. I LOVE dark mornings, but I can’t deal with the sun going down at 4pm, and then it has the nerve to last so long! Thank you for the tips though, they really DO help in the long run.

  • Great tips. Daylight savings time always messes up my sleep patterns and takes some time to adjust!

  • Carissa

    Great Tips! It always takes me a few days to adjust but we were just talking about the time change at home! I hate when I used to get off work and it was dark and I would go into work and it was semi-dark…plays on your mind!

  • Alison Ruth

    I always get caught off guard when it comes around but I love your tips for being ready

  • Cathy Nugent

    These are some great tips! I personally love DST because it makes it feel even more like fall and winter (my favorite half of the year!) It definitely throws off my internal clock though that first week, so I agree on going to bed sooner!

  • Brittany Limberakis

    Oh man I am not ready for this again! Sometimes I feel like just when I get used to spring it’s time to fall backwards ?? but hopefully these tips will help!!

  • Toni Wiggins-Sorzano

    I can’t wait for the time change. Only when it’s fall though. That whole spring forward things just isn’t for me.

    These are some super great tips!

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    I love the time change. I always feel great gaining an hour. I love that it gets darker earlier so I get to bed earlier. The cooler weather… All of it!

  • I actually love the time change in the fall. I like that it gets dark earlier!

  • I live for the time change during the fall, that extra hour is golden. I do hate that it gets darker earlier but I enjoy the fall fun.

  • Kasi Perkins

    Looking forward to gaining an extra hour! These are great tips!

  • Terri Huggins

    This sound silly but I never thought about preparing for dst. But I guess that explains why I always feel off during that time.

  • Kristin Kimble

    Great tips! Taking the weekend to prepare is a great tip!! It usually sneaks up on me! But bring on the extra hour! LOL

  • Tiffany Heard

    I’ve always wondered the reason for day light Savings. I hate the time change, it def affects me. Its interesting that some states like Arizona don’t change there clocks for day light savings.

  • I remember listening to a discussion on the local news about some officials wanting to get rid of Day Light Savings.

  • Jonna

    The day after you lose that hour of sleep can be a little rough if you don’t plan. You don’t realize how much that hour meant to you LOL

  • I think waking up early is the best. I struggle with that myself but I enjoy it when I’m up early because i get more done

  • Morgan Greenwood

    I love gaining the extra hour but hate that it gets dark so early! I work nights and on the nights I don’t work I have class until 6pm, so it feels like my days are gone! I do like the darkness when everyone puts their Christmas lights out though.

    Morgan | Her vs. World |

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