Ghost Tales & Bonfire Chills


Dear I say, it feels a bit like Fall ?? 2017 is flying by and the official holiday season starts next month. Just the other day I shopped at Hobby Lobby – which is a rarity since I don’t support their stance on women’s rights –  nevertheless, leaving my feminist principles at the door I became a reluctant customer and was stunned to see decorations for every season already on sale. It’s obvious the retail business is ahead of the rest of us but I took it as a sign to start getting into the holiday spirit.

With the decorations of ghouls and witches taking over my apartment, it’s bound to be a fun time of year. So far we’ve got a lot of plans for October, there’s pumpkin patches, the classic 13 Nights of Halloween and of course bonfires and ghost stories. I’m excited to get this month going and foresee lots of hair-raising affairs.

To get us started off, Team O25 will be participating in the If Girls Ran the World event. A cause that supports women and girl empowerment. Thousands of people will be virtually running around the globe ? to raise funds and awareness in support of marginalized girls.

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In website updates: If you are a member of the Book Club, we will not be doing the usual monthly reading lists for a while. Instead, I’ll be slowing it down for a while. The Fall & Weather Reading List is filled with some awesome books and will last us until the new year.

This month, The Otherside of 25 has also implemented a wonderful change on the site. Now located under “Britt’s Thought’s” you will find an Ask Britt section! Over the past few months, several readers and visitors have emailed heart-felt messages and although we love getting those letters! Streamlining the correspondence will make everything run a bit smoother. So if you have any questions or simply want to strike up a conversation, visit the Ask Britt page and I’ll reply back to you in no time!

As always, thanks for reading and check back in throughout the month for new posts and don’t forget to follow me on social media.

Best Wishes and Happy October!

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