Britt's Thoughts: Fall Vibes & Pumpkin Spice


Now, September isn’t my favorite month but it has a special date that sparks my interest, the First Day of Fall! I can’t believe it’s upon us already but like always, I’m excited. Maybe it’s November-baby syndrome but this season is in my blood.

I love all the colors and ambiance, the foods and drinks. Apple cider, hot herbal teas and most importantly, pumpkin spice everything. It’s crazy how fast time flies, one second you’re taking beach selfies and the next we have to break out the chunky sweaters. 

Fall seems to always boost my spirituality and creativeness, ideas flow and begin to foster effortlessly. This same time last year my mind was racing with all types of visions. The thought of running my own business was slowly blossoming into reality. Not all plans were implemented and a few others have changed along the way but it has turned out to be a project that has made me proud. 

There’s still a long road to go both professionally and privately but I look forward to embracing all the inspiration that comes from embracing the Fall vibes.  This month, The Otherside of 25 will see a few editing and content changes. Although Lifestyle and Body + Mind articles will remain the top focus, Beauty & Care has found its way to the menu bar. There you’ll find posts on our favorites in beauty and fashion.

Best Wishes and Happy September!