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The Otherside of 25: A Modern Lifestyle Blog for the Late-Aged Millennial is read by thousands of unique visitors every month. The O25 focuses on general life advice for millennials still finding their way into adulthood. For more information, click here to Meet Britt Mont the founder and owner. Main topics include career, relationships, personal growth, and everyday life. We are working hard to consistently grow the blog presence and audience engagement.

Our reader’s interests are always considered when partnering with brands and organizations. We want to make sure that every sponsorship is relevant to the O25 brand. Which means that while all offers are appreciated we will only choose those that best align with the material and values of the site.

What sponsors need to know: 

  • Although we are open to a discussion via email, please note that we prefer to submit content and accept payments using influencer networks. The O25 has earned several partnerships via the below networks, among others. However, should your company be unable to utilize these networks we are willing to accommodate your needs.

Work with Britt Mont

  • This website utilizes several affiliate programs and ad networks within posts. Should you require the paid post to exclude such ads, please advise and we will comply.


  • As we believe in full transparency all sponsored posts will include a written disclaimer to readers such as (or similar) to, “This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sponsored company. However, all opinions are my own.” For further information, reference the disclosure policyAlso, all brand sponsorships will be provided the tag sponsored. 
  • We DO NOT offer:
    • ad banner placements
    • unpaid sponsored posts
    • free product for review
  • Pricing is always negotiable however as we are investing time, knowledge and resources our fees will never be less than $250/post. This rate reflects a basic post of 250-500 words and is subject to change depending on your demands. For instance, should you require a post of 250-500 words including original photos/graphics, and social media promotion then the final rate will be substantially higher.

To get started, please send a message using the form below or email Provide a brief description of your company, what you are looking for and why would like to partner.

Thank you for considering a sponsorship and we look forward to working with you!

Britt Mont

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