May Books were dedicated to the most important women in our lives, Mother’s.  In celebration of the women who raised us, whoever they may be,  we read books that examined the relationships between these powerful figures. Since our childhood, the women in our lives had a huge impact. They are our best-friends, saviors and role models. And as we mature we’ve learned to understand the hardships and sacrifices that were made on our behalf.

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Like many of you, my childhood wasn’t constant roses and sunshine. There were definite hard times but luckily, my siblings and I were surrounded by a support system that included our Parents, Grandmothers of both generations, Aunts and an endless number of cousins. When you have a large family composed of strong members, you grow and learn from everyone. And personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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Mother, Can You  Not? by Kate Siegel

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An inside look into one of the most amusing “Mother-Daughter” relationships ever known. Kate Siegel aka Instagram’s @CrazyJewishMom welcomes us into her struggles of dealing with an overprotective Mother. The stories were funny and somewhat cringe-worthy but you can’t help but laugh. As I read every shared conversation between Mother and Daughter I constantly thought, “Wow, she needs to set boundaries with her Mom”. I guess when you’re raised by someone like that, their comments no longer surprise you. Their relationship seems to have a Gilmore Girls essence, with inappropriate Vagina monologues mixed in. But if anything, Mother Can You Not made me appreciate the relationship with my own Mother more. She’s protective and crazy sometimes but Kate’s Mom pushes a level I would not enjoy. Should a sequel arise, it would be a great idea to have it written in her Mom’s perspective.  Until then, if this book catches your interest, we recommend listening to the audible version during a work commute.


Audiobook: Mother Can You Not! by Kate Siegel


Listen To Your Mother by Ann Imig

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Through a collection of essays Listen to Your Mother examines the journey of Motherhood. Directed mainly towards women who are Mothers’ themselves, it correlates the stories their own Mother’s once told them with the parenting challenges they now face. Although a good read, I was not the target audience. As a single woman with no plans of Motherhood this was an irrelevant read. There were some essays of men and women sharing stories of their own Mother’s but overall it felt very unrelatable. I didn’t make it through the entire book but that was mainly because of the emotional components. Some narratives made me cry and required time to digest. After awhile, I couldn’t handle all the ups-and-downs and decided to put it on a shelf. But if you are a Mom or parent looking for stories on parenting in all situations, then this book is for you.

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