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April books were both enlightening and thought provoking. Some of them surrounded religion while others provided an insight into inner spirituality and mindfulness. With the Easter holiday making an appearance I wanted to focus on understanding both my personal beliefs and those of others. We all think differently, feel differently, pray differently and sometimes our perspectives can only be one-sided. There is so much good in humanity and yet we continuously make the mistake of misunderstanding each other’s beliefs, faiths, and lives in general.

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These books, in different ways expressed forms of finding happiness and fulfillment. Happiness can bring millions of opportunities but the same can be said for darkness and pain. Learning to eliminate the negativity and focus only on the positivity can be exceeding hard. But we must plan our future and remain determined to reach our goals no matter what life brings.

April 2017 Book Revies from The Otherside of 25


Image resultThe Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

This book took me a while to get through, not because it was a bad read but because I needed to continuously stop to ask and answer myself hard questions. Normally I’m not into philosophical and spiritual books but this one has been an absolute treasure. I honestly feel as though I can say with certainty that I understand who I am and how to be truly free. I may not yet understand my life’s purpose but it’s torched a light into the future. An easy self-help book filled with complexities and perfect to use as a continuous life guideline. I appreciated the message, that we are not our thoughts or emotions and that we can be happier if we stay conscious in the moment.

Image resultUninvited by Lysa Terkeurst

This book is for the rejected, cast-outs and people who don’t fit in. Most of us have felt unloved or unwanted at some point in life, Lysa sends a reminder that God is always with us and loves unconditionally. Our pain may always be reflected but in our faith, we can strive to become a happier and better person. Sometimes the writing style seemed a bit “jumpy” but overall it was filled with inspirational quotes, relatable personal experiences to at the end give us a feeling of being deeply beloved by God. A must read for the person in search of finding love and acceptance.

Image result

Mindwise by Nicholas Epley

An easy read that focuses on understanding the psychology of the sixth sense. I absolutely loved Epley’s writing style, this book was packed with so much information (maybe too much) and in every chapter, he does a quick outline of what will be discussed. The general message is to not underestimate what other’s are thinking, don’t assume, label. The only why to understand both yourself and others is to be mindful and ask questions. Sometimes I found the book to be a little boring but it’s an enjoyable read that examines the human ability of misunderstanding each other.


Did you read  April books? What was your favorite message? Please share!

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