The Benefits of Natural Deodorant & 3 Top Brands You Need to Try Now #NaturalDeodorant #HealthSmart #Wellness

Most people fail to acknowledge that the typical drugstore deodorant contains several toxic and harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Steareths and most importantly Aluminum. As the active ingredient of antiperspirants Alumnimum, when applied becomes absorbed into the sweat ducts and ultimately prevents both odors and wetness. Long-term exposure has been linked to many serious health problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Brest Cancer. Although studies have been conducted, health conclusions vary on the causes of such illnesses. However, it remains a known fact that because the sweat ducts are blocked, toxins are unable to release naturally.

Natural deodorant is a wonderful alternative to store-bought brands.  Unlike its counterparts, natural deodorants use non-toxic ingredients and promote skin health. They don’t block pores which means that toxins are naturally released. Your body will gradually become more accustomed to the good bacteria and create a more healthy you.

3 Natural Deodorants We Recommend


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Natural deodorant is a wonderful alternative to store-bought brands. Unlike its counterparts, natural deodorants use non-toxic ingredients!