5 Ways to Reduce Work Stress

Reduce Work Stress

Let’s be honest, so much of our day is consumed with work. Making sure the neediest clients are satisfied while trying to keep up with the perfectionist expectations of a company that clearly doesn’t pay well.

Today I watched a co-worker breakdown into tears and start having an anxiety attack because… well, it all hit her too hard. Amidst the tears and incoherent conversation I clearly understood that she was not coping. She was afraid of being fired for not completing the thousands of deadlines due this week but also scared to ask for help because she didn’t want anyone to think that she couldn’t do her job.

In my opinion, no one should ever allow their jobs to have this much power. Yes, you need the money to pay the bills and fund vacations but anytime your workload begins to especially affect your mental health then it’s time to ask for help.



      1. 1. Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

        This seems pretty obvious but keeping a work-life balance is essential. Don’t be the person staying in the office until midnight to only turn around and come back at the crack of dawn. Working remotely can also be a quick downfall so maintaining an active personal life is important. Sometimes it can be hard keeping your work and personal life separate but find ways of setting boundaries. A good example would be deleting your work email from your phone or implementing “quiet hours”…. Crazy right?! Truth is, the office will survive without you and furthermore,  you won’t be so insane the next morning.

        2. Schedule Your Day

        Managing your time effectively is an easy way of streamlining your day while becoming more productive. First, tackle the task you dread most in the morning. Handling it up front will make the day less stressful. After that, figure out what needs to be worked on throughout the day and set time limits on each project. Personally, I like to block out 2 hours for one project and then move on to the next.

        3. Don’t Participate in Office Drama

        Sometimes hanging out by the morning coffee pot can feel like the beginning of a high school mean-girls movie. Rumors start, gossip runs rapid and by that afternoon you’ll be part of a group called into HR. It’s ok to become friends with your coworkers but when those relationships turn toxic and begin to impact your career it’s time to sit down and refocus.

  1. 4. Take Breaks Away From the Office

    One of the biggest office pet-peeves is coworkers eating at their desks. I am a firm believer of allowing yourself to take a BREAK. Sitting at your desk, working unpaid through lunch will only make your day more strained. If you’re like me and hate eating in the lunchroom then consider finding yourself an off-site spot. Luckily, my job is within walking distance of a community park that is perfect for a lunch picnic and quick meditation.

    5. Be Organized

    Everyone has their own chaotic system but staying organized will make your work-life more productive. If you’re Microsoft excel savvy then implementing spreadsheets can be an amazing tool to utilize. Another great software is Evernote, which is an online system that can help elevate your organization skills to the next level.


How have you been reducing work-stress? Comment below and share your tips!


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  • Evolute Six

    When you have an overwhelming number of things to do, concentrating on work can be a bit tricky. It’s easy to put off your tasks, procrastinate and generally, get into trouble. These tips should help you maintain a healthy working relationship with your colleagues and avoid burn out. However, if you think that the thing at fault is the system within your organization, you can suggest working with a professional development coach to help you reallign the roles of the members to the goals of the company without compromising the motivation and morale of employees. This will promote increase in output and engagement of employees.

    • Agreed. If your overwhelmed and stressed due to a lack of work management then it’s best to have a professional coach to motivate the the entire organization. Thanks for reading!

  • Britt Mont l The Otherside of 25

  • Scheduling your day has got to be a top priority for me. If I don’t do that, everything in my mind goes 100x and I end up having anxiety and stress headaches. Such a great list !

    • I know what you mean! I have a large workload at work and I actually designate “days” to do certain tasks. If I don’t stick to my schedule then everything becomes overwhelming really fast. Thanks for reading!

  • Krystin

    These are great tips, and I totally agree with scheduling your day! Thanks for sharing this helpful advice!

  • Loved those tips. I think staying away from office drama is soooo important. It unnecessarily increases negativity around and just becomes an added stress!

    • Haha, I agree. When I first started off in my first “big” job after college I learned how office environments can quickly shift if you surround yourself with the wrong people. Better to just stay away from the drama.

  • Kate

    I could have used these tips when I still worked in an office full time… Crazy stress and drama there every single day!

    • At least now you know how to handle yourself for future situations. I think one of the hardest problems I had to overcome at work is learning how to handle all the dominant personalities while trying to stay sane.

  • Luci Cook

    When I was working ‘9-5’ I would make sure to get sleep and on the way home I distress by listening to music.

    • I love listening to Jazz during my morning commute, I feel that it almost makes my mornings more calmer and less stressful before stepping into the office…. Not to mention I have crazy road rage so it’s nice to have calming atmosphere.

  • Helena Freeman

    I loved this post and your writing style. You had some great tips!

  • Renyea Kesho

    Tip #1 can help as all live less stressful lives. Thanks for sharing these.

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