1. Finish Bachelor’s Degree

My biggest regret is choosing to take the last semester of senior year off. At the time I was struggling with high anxiety from financial issues and one week before classes began I decided to take a break. I planned only take enough time off to focus on saving money and finalize post-grad plans.  Two years later and I’m still 15 credits away from my degree and I’m ready to make graduating a high priority.

2. Graduate with a 3.5 GPA

For higher opportunities after graduation, I would like to finish my undergraduate college career with a solid foundation. I’ve worked hard and graduating with a good GPA will help to qualify for the majority of graduate school applications. Not to mention it looks awesome on a resume!

3. Get into Graduate School

I want that Master’s degree too! More opportunities come to those with higher education and I want to maximize my earning potential. I’ve already rounded up the top programs I want to participate in but the process can be overwhelming. Just have to continue reminding myself to stay encouraged.

4. Take a Photography Class

Listen, I love my iPhone as much as the next person because photos always come out awesome but I want to build up this skill. One of my old roommates is currently a photojournalist and her work is AMAZING. Something tells me that if I would in a little initiative that I can be awesome too.




5. Love my Career

Currently, I work for one of the most well-known law firms in my state. Most people would kill to be given the opportunities I’ve been blessed with BUT this isn’t the career I want. I love my co-workers and I’m awesome at my job (seriously, I kick ass) but sometimes it feels like I’m stuck in a field that isn’t productive for me. When I graduate my degree will be in Zoology/Conservation and I would like to begin a career in that field.

6. Pay Off Student Loans

Good God, I don’t even want to tell you how much I owe in student loans. Just know that it’s obscene and the fact that I don’t even have my degree yet sucks. But regardless, I want to come up with a financial plan that will help to pay off student loans.

7. Have 25k in 401k

After my last promotion, I took the initiative to set up a 401k. My employer matches 3% contribution and it’s been amazing to see the account grow and know that I’ll be able to sustain a good quality of life. I’m already half way to this goal but I would like to start contributing more for the future.

8. Become Financially Stable

I make a decent salary but I’m always broke. I blow money on hair products, shoes, and wine subscriptions. With this goal I want to start an emergency savings account, budget monthly, increase credit and in general have financial peace.

9. Become a Home Owner

Sadly, no one in my immediate family owns their own home. Not sure why that is but I’m now starting to understand the advantages of investing in buying property. I moved into my first solo apartment last year and so far everything’s been great but it would be fantastic to not worry about getting fined for hanging up wall frames. Over the next few years, I want to plan towards a down payment and start researching into different aspects of home ownership.




10. Become a Vegetarian

Hamburgers, Steak and Bar-B-Que. Yum. I love food! But I’ve become more conscious of what it means to be a meat-eater. I’ve had a few month long challenges but would like to take a pledge into becoming a complete veggie girl.

11. Become my Own Bestfriend

Sometimes I can be my worst critic. Like most people I’m flawed, I have ups-and-downs and have to remind myself of the values and strengths that I admire in other people are within me as well. I want to get to a place of mindfulness where I am my best promoter instead of the worst critic.

12. Run 10k / Half Marathon

I wouldn’t consider myself to be an avid runner but the feeling of running always brings clarity to me. In the past two years, I’ve run approximately 10-18 5ks and relays. The next step is the big 10ks and half marathons.



13. Fall In Love

Sigh. My love life has been miserable so far. Dating sucks and to be honest, I have never been in a serious relationship. For most of my romantic relationships, I’ve closed myself off from emotional attachments because they seemed like weaknesses. As I get older I’m starting to learn that do want to open myself up to the possibility of love.

14. Read 500 Books (100 each year)

This may seem a bit ambitious but for me it should be a piece of cake. Seriously, it’s probably the easiest on the list. On average I’ve been reading 2-4 books a week since I was 14 years old. But as an adult, I’ve noticed that I tend to favor romance novels. Specifically, Harlequin Presents series, the brand usually comes out with 8 books a month and I speed read them like magazines. As a result, my tolerance for other genres is limited, so I would like to work towards broadening my readership by reading 1 book a week from other genres.

15. Build a Postive Support System

Naturally, a support system usually includes your family and friends. My family is HUGHE and although there are many of us, I find it hard to maintain relationships and allow others to be involved in my life. I would like to work on evolving my current relationships and also develop new relationships.

16. Map Ancestry

Ok, I’m going to play the Black card now. My ancestors were slaves, who were they? No clue. All I have is stories that “could be true”. Other family members have tried to map our family tree but no one seems to get anywhere. I want to map my family history at least to the late 1800s. Not sure if that’ll ever happen but at the very least I’d like to take an Ancestry DNA test.


17. Rescue a Pet

I grew up with dogs and they undoubtedly surround most of my childhood memories. So naturally when I moved into my first apartment (with roommates) I decided to get a dog. Her name was Izzy or Izzy Bear or Koala or Woof Woof. It kinda depended on the day. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, she was ethnized two years ago. It hurt and I lost my best friend but I am finally in a calm space of mind. She’s still very well missed but it’s time to provide another pet with a loving home.

18. Become a Fluent Spanish Speaker

There’s this dream where I’m in an argument and switching from English to Spanish so fluently that the other person doesn’t even comprehend that they can’t understand me. For this goal, I want to be bilingual. I’m actually well versed in the language already. I can write fluently and thanks to a few Spanish Channels I can understand the majority of conservations.

19. Meet Michelle Obama

Do I really need an explanation? She’s awesome and the epitome of the woman I aspire to be. She’s my role model and I hope to one day meet the best First Lady ever.

20. Meet Doctor Who

Doctor who is BOMB! My old roommate used to watch this show all the time but I couldn’t get into it at time. Then right after I moved into my solo apartment I binge watched every episode from the 9th Doctor onwards for almost two months. I was even working on the older episodes when Netflix pulled it! It was devastating but pulling the show was probably a blessing in disguise because I was obsessed. Hell, I still am which is why I have to meet Doctor Who, preferably the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) but I’ll take what I can get.


21. Thrive at Blogging

Starting a blog has been a goal of mine for a while now. I’m not sure if I’ll be a great writer or even make money blogging BUT I want to use this platform as an outlet to inspire and build a community of positive and supportive friends.

22. Grow Natural Hair

Having natural is a challenge. I’ve been natural for almost 7 years now and although it’s become easier I still have my fair share of obstacles. Today my hair is by far the healthiest and longest it’s ever been. I want to continue my natural hair journey and find healthier ways to grow in length.

23. Write a Book

Don’t know what it’s going to be about or when it’ll be started but I’ve got some stories to tell.

24. Stop Apologizing

Ever heard the saying “Sorry, not sorry”. Well, I’m tired of apologizing for things that I’m not sorry for. It’s become an automatic “sorry” and like cursing, I need to work on eliminating the unnecessary sorry from my vocabulary.



25. Become a Peace Corps Volunteer

Joining the Peace Corps was at the top of my post-grad plans. I dreamed of living abroad and being immersed into another culture. Learning the language, eating weird food and meeting strange but good-hearted people. I’m aware the program isn’t all roses-and-shine but the pros outweigh the cons.

26. Visit Every Continent

I most definitely have a wanderlust dream. Traveling has always been an ambition but until recently I was never given the opportunity to travel abroad. I Love experiencing different cultures and seeing the beauty in a new environment. Someday I’ll grab my passport and make my way around the world.

27. Go on a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Yoga has become the main form of stress relief and mindfulness for me. I’m not disciplined enough to become an instructor but I do consider myself to be a Yogi. I want to travel and connect with like-minded people and work on finding inner peace.

28. Meet and Bond with an Elephant

Elephants are my spirit animal. To me, they symbolize wisdom, strength, and forgiveness. On my travels, I want to not only meet an elephant but create a memorable bond. After all, elephants remember everything.

29. Have a “Mountain top” moment

We all know what I’m talking about! That moment when someone reaches a mountain top and clarity is written all over their face. Maybe I’ll discover something profound or maybe I’ll walk right back down the mountain but I reach to reach the top of a mountain at least once.

30. Visit 5 National Parks

Yosemite, Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone, etc. I love nature and truly appreciates the biodiversity of our environment. I might not be able to camp all night but seeing the beauty of our national parks is definitely on my list.

What are some of your personal goals?! Please share, we’d all love to hear them!


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