3 Ways to Give Back in Your Community

Giving Back in the Community
Looking to Give Back in Your Community? These volunteer ideas will help you make an impact, big and small.

Why You Should Give Back

We all face challenges and difficult periods in our lives and hopefully when you’re down there’ll be a helping hand. My very first job was working at a community center where I met all types of people going through all kinds of living situations. Most didn’t know how to ask for help or even where to begin but from an early age of adulthood I learned that the biggest support you can give, is to simply be there. Giving back is acknowledging that there are people going through worst situations then you and being willing to help. It’s knowing that not everyone has a safe place to sleep, hot meal to eat or even warm clothes to wear in the coldest storm. As a community we should be supporting each other through the good and bad days, so get out there and help your neighbors! 

Ways to Give Back

Volunteer for Projects Throughout the Neighborhood

Sometimes finding a project to get involved with can be the hardest part but using databases like the State Farm Neighborhood of Good you’ll be able to find multiple projects to participate in. Simply insert your local zip code and all participating community projects will appear. For instance, in my area you can provide support to the pets of hospice patients by delivering food and walking the animals that are left at home. There’s also another project for volunteers to pick up flowers from the local shop and deliver them to patients at the children’s hospital on their birthdays. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s something to get involved with!

Donate Your Expertise

Have something that you’re amazing at? Great organizer, fast-typer or maybe even a low-key handywoman? Whatever you’re good at there’s a charity that needs your expertise so give back by offering your skills to a project that not everyone would be able to complete. One of my favorite things to do is volunteer at the local legal aid office. I’m not a lawyer but I’ve been working as a litigation legal assistant for the past 5 years, so I’ve picked up a few things. The people that come in are going through various legal issues but don’t have the resources to pay for a lawyer. By volunteering my legal expertises, I’ve been able to help on several cases and expanded my professional network at the same time.

Visit a Nursing home

In the midst of our own lives we sometimes forget about the elder members of our families and communities. Most senior citizens rarely get visitors and the holidays can be especially lonely. My mother has been working at nursing homes for the past several decades and growing up my siblings and I would always drop by and meet the people she took care of. We listened to their stories – how they lived glamorous lives or their experiences of growing up in a segregated country. Times have changed but we have to look back to thank the ones that came before us. So if you’ve got some downtime this season, stop by a nursing home and put a smile on someone’s face.


We all need help every once in awhile so while you’re up don’t forget to help those who are down!

Britt Mont

How are you helping out your community? Have some more volunteer ideas to share? Don’t forget to Comment below to tell your story!

  • Erika Puch Boerum

    What a great topics to post about! I’ve wanted to get involved in my local area for a while but wasn’t sure where to start. Thanks for sharing!

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      That’s great, make sure to check out the Neighborhood for Good database. The multitude and variety of volunteer projects is honestly amazing. Thanks for reading!

  • ElizOF

    I agree that we can all make a difference by offering our help in our own communities first and then beyond. Being there to listen is the first step.
    Elizabeth O

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      Listening to each other and accepting their struggles with empathy instead of judgment is definitely a good step.

  • Elena

    That is so thoughtful of you! We tend to forget how lucky we are for all the things we have in life, but giving back to the community is something we should all do.

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      Thank you! I truly believe that we have to give back and help each other out – in the midst of the holidays I wanted to quickly remind everyone that this is a season of giving.

  • OnceUponADollhouse

    This is so lovely! Giving back and Paying it forward are such important parts of our lives. Thank you for being so inspirational

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      Awe, I think that’s the first time someone’s every called me inspirational lol. Thank you very much and Happy Holidays 🙂

  • Wendy

    Trying to teach my girls to make this a habit. Recently served breakfast at the homeless shelter and we are heading to the nursing home next. I want it to be something they never hesitate to do.

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      That’s fantastic, so many people turn the other way when others are in need. It’s admiring that you’re making the effort to show your girls that giving a helping hand it’s a bad thing. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  • Dreamsinthewind

    I love posts like these. Its so important to give back to the community

  • Tori

    This is such a great message to put out there. So many people don’t know where to start when trying to give back – it’s good to see its not all about donating money but that donating your time is just as useful!

    • Britt Mont|The Otherside of 25

      True, although donating is important it’s not all that you could do. Plus you tend to stand out more when you’re actually participating in your community.

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