We’ve all been there. It can tear you down and make you question who you are and everything that you’ve accomplished. Over the past year, I myself have been struggling with depression and I started this blog to share in my journey.

I am finally ready to work towards bettering my life and wanted to share some personal growth goals to help me overcome my depression.


1. Breaking Social Isolation.

When you’re an introvert it’s easier to become a loner. You draw your energy source from solitude now that doesn’t mean you don’t like being around people. It usually just means that you have to take a proactive role in leading a social life. But sometimes being social can be exhausting and you unintentionally find yourself alone. Depression happens gradually, maybe you start leaving parties early or prefer to not go at all. However it happens, you unintentionally find yourself unhappy and isolated.

This Goal is to help encourage myself and others to break own of our self-imposed isolation and start building and maintaining strong support systems.


2. Gaining Self-Confidence.

When you lose confidence in yourself it makes it easier to focus on the worst parts of who you are. You become your own worst critic and your thinking is overcome by the negativity bias.  Maybe depression stripped your self-image and you hit an all-time low. It won’t be easy building ourselves back up but we have to start with changing how we perceive ourselves. Self-perception has a direct effect on our self-confidence. To take a positive initiative towards building a healthy level of self-confidence we have to stop allowing comparison and failures to take over our conscious.

Let’s work on promoting our personal strengths and accomplishments. Every day, I want to be able to say something positive about myself until my positives outweigh the negatives. Working towards eliminating negative thinking will undoubtedly be hard at times but we have to learn to accept our flaws as well as promote our strengths.

3. Learning to Embrace Life.

Life is filled with so many blessings. There will always be ups-and-downs but we have to actively choose to embrace those experiences. When you lose yourself to depression it closes you off to everything that life has to offer. Learning to let go of control and embr
ace life opens us up to all types of opportunities. Losing yourself forces the need to slay inner demons and ask yourself soul-baring questions.


“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ~Henry David Thoreau


Rather through spiritual awakening or finding perspective through travel we have to work hard at maintaining our dreams and desires as a valuable life purpose. Everyone wants to find themselves and the more open and vulnerable you are the easier it’ll be to understand your purpose.

What are your personal goals? Please share, we’d all love to hear them!