We're women and with that comes the natural experience of menstrual pain. These 3 non-medicinal (drug free) product will help relieve some of the miscomfort.
We're women and with that comes the natural experience of menstrual pain. These 3 non-medicinal (drug free) product will help relieve some of the miscomfort.

I curse thee Mother Nature!

Ladies, at this stage in life we all know how Mother Nature works. She’s been the highlight of every month since you were 14 and yet, still knows how to make an entrance. When I was younger the pain was unbearable and doubling up on Midol became a way of life. I’ve been one of the unfortunate women to experience severe menstrual pain everything from cramps, back pain and even vomiting.

I’m a complicated mess on my period and truly unpleasant to be around. Everything is in pain and for the first few days I’m barely getting by. My doctor prescribed birth control for the sole purpose of relieving menstrual pain and it worked. Alot of the pain subsided, I no longer had severe nausea but other things like cramps and back pain stayed. 

Over the years, I’ve been trying to find products that help eliminate drug dependency (that sounds bad but you know what I mean) for pain relief during periods. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite non-medicinal products that are perfect and hope that you or someone you know can manage their pain more effectively.


1. Pure Romance Heart Massager

I know what you’re thinking, “A sex messager…really?!”. Well yes, this little heart-shaped massager is pure heaven and perfect to use as a heating pad for menstrual pain.  It’s cheap, coming in at about $15.00 and it’s reusable! The instructions are simple, snap it and then boil for 7-10 minutes. Word of advice, don’t forget that it’s boiling! I once made that mistake and it exploded all over the kitchen lol. But once boiled, the heat will be retained for several hours. This is perfect to use during the night and on a lazy Sunday.

2. ThermaCare Heatwraps

I love these because they’re discrete and perfect for the working girl. You don’t have to make a fuss and no one has to know you’re even wearing it.  All you do is remove the wrap from the packaging and stick the adhesive part onto the inside part of your underwear (granny panties preferred). Unfortunately, it is not reusable but the heating lasts for nearly 8 hours. So if like me, you work a 9 to 5 just stick it on in the morning and it’ll last the entire work day. They’re a little expensive at $10.00-$20.00 for a 3 pack but you can always find discounts. Last time I bought these I was able to purchase them for $5.00 a pack and I definitely stocked up. 

3. Livia

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This product is now live and shipping from the website IndieGoGo. They currently have over 18k backers with nearly $1.6 million raised. I haven’t tried it yet but I bought it a few days ago and can’t wait to try it during my next period. It promises to be the “switch-off” for menstrual cramps by using technology that stimulates the nerves to “keep them busy” and making it impossible for pain to pass. They have phenomenal reviews and at the whopping price of $150.00 they seem to be worth it.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, share your review in the comments below!


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